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The “Kotłowski i Spółka” company is a family enterprise with a long tradition, producing and offering high-quality goose and duck down and feathers characterised by excellent parameters. The company has been operating on the down and feathers market since 1995, however its history dates back to the 50’s of the 20th century.

We obtain high-quality raw material to produce down and feathers of the “Kotłowski i Spółka” company from specialised Polish slaughterhouses acting in a humanitarian manner. Our suppliers purchase it from domestic farmers with small organic farms, located in natural areas of fertile soils that are rich in mineral substances.

We put great emphasis on sorting, careful washing with the use of biodegradable washing agents only and appropriate dedusting, so that our product can obtain possibly best percentage of down content.

With years of experience and know-how, a dynamically developing technological park and high-quality raw material we have managed to create the final product which meets very rigorous standards and requirements, both in Poland and Europe.

  • Company history

    • The company origin

      “Kotłowski i Spółka” is a family company which history dates back to post-war times, when a family nestor - Antoni Kotłowski - started to sell burrowing poultry and waterfowl in Ślesin. The citizens of Ślesin were famous throughout Poland for excellent mercantile skills and perfect organisation of trade from the end of the 19th century, concentrating in specialised companies dealing, among other things, with purchasing geese and ducks.

      Antoni, together with “agaciorze” – the regional and native name for gooseherds - successfully sent poultry to Germany. It was extremely valued there for its unique taste qualities, which were the result of feeding the birds with natural food from neighbouring pasturing places.

    • New path

      With passing years Antoni’s sons joined his company and they continued to sell poultry from the beginning of the 50’s. The first poultry farms were established in the 70’s and the birds were raised for the industrial scale. The Kotłowski family made a decision to find a new place on the market for themselves and focused on selling down and feathers. Our father - Henryk Kotłowski - took over the feather business in the 70’s and 80’s.

    • Breakthrough

      The beginning of 1995 was a breakthrough for the “Kotłowski i Spółka” company, when two brothers - Paweł and Sławomir - decided to make a step forward and invest in technological development. They also started their own production of a high-quality semi-finished product. Sorting departments were originally created, where goods were divided into groups, however, the machinery park continued to develop and grew year by year.

      In 2000 Kotłowski brothers invested in the specialised laundry, which enabled the company to manufacture the final product - both for Polish and European market, as well as fostered it’s further development.

  • Company’s Vision

    The vision of the “Kotłowski i Spółka” company is to produce goose and duck down and feathers of the finest quality, compliant with Polish and European standards, with unique qualities and benefits appreciated by the company’s partners and customers. 

    • Continuous and dynamic development

      Our goal is continuous progress - technological, but also dynamic development of infrastructure in the plant, which will enable to have greater possibilities for the company’s presence and expansion on international markets.

    • Drive for perfection

      Our aim is to have almost perfect goods and therefore we personally supervise the whole technological process: we control and test a product during each stage ourselves - from purchasing, to sorting, washing and dedusting. Down and feathers produced by us are examined and subject to specific tests, both in our internal laboratory and by an independent research body in Switzerland. We pay great attention to maintain species purity and keep the highest standards while washing a product.

    • High quality above all

      We want our product to be a benchmark of the best quality, springiness and purity. Therefore, we pay much attention to our supplies and cooperate only with specialised slaughterhouses that care for well-being of their birds . We guarantee to provide personal care over each - even the smallest - element of the whole production process.

    • Satisfied costumer

      We focus, above all, on product quality, not on its volume, as we care about welfare and satisfaction of our customers. We have therefore a wide group of satisfied and recurring customers, who value our products.

    • Source of heat, safety and comfort

      We know well that high quality of down and feathers is very important. It is a source of heat, comfort and safety for people who are looking for natural and ecological materials, which guarantee comfort, security and a lot of joy.

  • Partners

    Production of fine quality natural heat insulation, such as down and feathers, requires close cooperation with long-term partners. The “Kotłowski i Spółka” company operates closely with Polish and international entities and research centres.

    • The International Down and Feather Bureau
    • Federacja Eksporterów Polskiego Puchu i Pierza
    • IDFL Laboratory and Institute

    • IDFL Laboratory and Institute

    • Federacja Eksporterów Polskiego Puchu i Pierza

    • The International Down and Feather Bureau

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