Especially for you, we have prepared a short dictionary of industry terms. We hope that it will help you understand many different terms while its simple, but exhaustive form based in this website content will enrich your knowledge on our down and feathers. Moreover, we have done our best to indicate the most important product benefits based on this type of heat insulations.

  • Species purity

    Detailed laboratory tests of down and feathers provide certainty that the whole material comes from geese or ducks, is natural and of the finest quality - while maintaining all most important benefits of this type of heat insulation. Such guarantee can only be given by the final product with 100% of species purity.

  • Humanitarian slaughter

    Our down and feathers come from geese and ducks obtained from Polish slaughterhouses, which operate in a humanitarian manner and in compliance with the animal protection law.

  • Environmental friendly washing

    Is based on washing material many times by using specialised and environmental friendly detergents. This process helps to get rid of allergic mites and pollutions, which are harmful for health and wellbeing. Environmental friendly washing deals with a false myth that allergy causing mites can develop in down and feathers (if you are interested in this topic, see “Allergy vs. down and feathers”).

  • Sorting

    Is a process based on careful separation of down from feathers. The raw material is divided into different groups, from which we obtain a fine quality product with high percentage of right content.

  • Dedusting

    The step in the production process based on getting rid of volatile impurities from feathers, such as e.g. dust. In our company we use this method few times to remove all remaining volatile particles.

  • Percentage composition

    Each lot of down contains a certain amount of small feathers. Therefore marking percentage composition has been introduced. It defines how many small feathers are included in each lot of down. For example, a certain part of down with a value of 90%, contains 90% of down and 10% of small feathers.

  • Springiness

    A very important value regarding evaluation of down quality, mostly expressed in CUIN (cubic inch per ounce), defining which part of a cubic inch is taken by one ounce of down. The higher this specified value is, the better thermal insulation, compression and the lower weight of natural heat insulation. Therefore it is assumed that down with springiness of 550-800 CUIN is of very good quality, whereas the one with the value over 850 CUIN is almost perfect.

  • Benefits of down

    The unquestionable benefits of natural heat insulation can certainly include lightness, great thermal insulation qualities, compressibility (especially valued by mountaineers), proper fluctuation of air and regulation of body moisture.

  • Allergy vs. down and feathers

    One of commonly present myths is a false conviction that mites occurring in products from down and feathers cause allergy. The results of numerous specialist tests have proved many times that mites do not occur in products made of this type of heat insulations, as these materials are not a source of food nor a stimulus for its further growth. Moreover, mites, due to their size, are not able to go through such thick material.

  • How to care for down and feathers products

    Producers recommend to ventilate bedrooms, down covers and elements of clothes or mountaineering equipment really often. This reduces the amount of moisture in textiles and neutralises environmental conditions responsible for mites. Marked products can be washed with delicate washing detergents in the maximum temperature of 60oC. It is recommended to dry the product carefully after washing.

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