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  • Description

    Down is natural and extremely light raw material with high isothermal qualities. High-quality down material that we offer is far lighter than synthetic materials, has greater springiness and therefore it can be used even in small amounts to achieve an effect desired by producers.

  • Technology

    Our down is valued especially by bedlinen and mountaineering industries with rigorous quality requirements. 

  • Standards

    We ensure that production of high-quality down is our passion and we pay much attention to maintain 100% of species purity, as well as to comply with European or Japanese standards - depending on your request and preferences.

    1.Humanitarian slaughter method
    2.100% purity of goose and duck species
    3.Springiness expressed in cubic inches
    4.Washing and rinsing according to European standards (depending on the customer's request)
    5.Washing and rinsing according to Japanese standards (depending on the customer's request)
    6.Certificate of veterinary supervision - HCAAP
    7.Quality confirmed on the basis of external and own laboratory analyses
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