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    Feathers is a mixture of down and bird feathers, usually of geese and ducks, which can be widely applied in bedlinen, clothing and upholstery industries.

  • Technology

    A characteristic slightly arched structure of feathers makes them perfect when used as precast of comfortable pillows or lounge furniture.


  • Standards

    Feathers, in contrast to goose down, are a bit heavier and has lower thermal insulation properties.

    1.Humanitarian slaughter method
    2.100% purity of goose and duck species
    3.Washing and rinsing according to European standards (depending on the customer's request)
    4.Washing and rinsing according to Japanese standards (depending on the customer's request)
    5.Certificate of veterinary supervision - HCAAP
    6.Quality confirmed on the basis of external and own laboratory analyses
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